Experienced Chiropractor in Teaneck, NJ

Have you considered consulting a Teaneck, NJ, chiropractor regarding your back or neck pain? Some people in Teaneck, NJ, have heard of chiropractic care, but they aren't sure exactly what to expect. Each patient is unique, and each patient deserves a personalized treatment plan. When you come to Lefkowitz Chiropractic for a free consultation, we can create a plan for you, allow you to review it, and then let you decide whether chiropractic care is right for you.

Many conditions in addition to back and neck pain can be resolved through better spinal alignment. Headaches and migraines, sciatica and shoulder pain may all have roots in a spine that isn't properly aligned. Our friendly and professional staff can help patients from Teaneck to choose a convenient appointment time. When you come into the office, you can learn about how treatments like spinal adjustments can provide pain relief and increased mobility.

Therapy from a Teaneck, NJ, chiropractor can provide as much as or even better pain management than treatments like medication and surgery. Many Teaneck, NJ, patients find that they can return to their regular activities without constantly thinking about pain. Why let an injury or some other condition keep you from living life to its fullest? For safe, gentle solutions that can produce long-term results, contact Lefkowitz Chiropractic.

Dr. Harry Lefkowitz, D.C.